ONLY 59 €/month

Subscription includes:

1 Webshop
2 Daily Price Updates
Checking the correct price versus cost price
Optional percentage discount or amount discount


Requires Prisync Premium or Platinum subscription
Solution implemented for Smartweb, Wannafind and ScanNet


Dashboard, where you can track operating status
Free installation
Free support
Security Guarantee
6 month bond, see IntegrateXL’s subscription terms

With our PRISROBOT PRISYNC INTEGRATION you always keep your prices competitive. Our price robot ensures that your webshop’s prices are automatically updated with Prisync’s prices. The update is done twice daily. The integration is currently only supported on Smartweb, ScanNet and Wannafind webshops.

✅ PRISYNC monitors your competitors, PRISROBOT updates your prices completely automatically

✅ Always have competitive prices

✅ Supported on Smartweb, ScanNet and Wannafind webshop platforms

All of this is handled in our cloud solution, operated by one of the world’s leading IT vendors, so you have high operational quality and security.

You can track your marketplaces and your marketplace sales in your own dashboard on our website. Here you can see the operating status, product overview and order overview.